Morocco handicraft guided tour

Morocco handicraft guided tour – As you may already know, Morocco is an attractive destination for tourists from the four corners of the world.

and that’s because the kingdom has been a meeting place for so many civilizations including Roman, Berber Arab, and Jews cultures.

It was undoubtedly the main reason of the diversity of the Moroccan identity.

Besides that, the location of Morocco and its wonderful weather added importance to the country.

Additionally, Morocco is a paradise of crafts. Moroccan craft is divided into five main sectors: Wood, Metals, Textiles, clay, and leather

Generally, Moroccan people established a craft culture moving towards generations, and they are still madding proudly.

Moroccan craft is always reinventing itself.

and that bypassing techniques from one generation to another through specialist guilds where the master, called Maalem teaches apprentices.

Here are some of the Moroccan crafts to look out for in the souks and Moroccan museums when your next Morocco handicraft guided tour

Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are beautiful, elegant, and distinctive hand-made carpets’ that have been part of the kingdom’s heritage for more than 5 centuries.

With the development of tourism, handcrafted rugs are more demanded. which made a lot of cooperatives show up and produce Moroccan rugs for big markets, especially in Fes and Marrakesh. usually, Moroccan Berber ladies make this piece of art in several styles and designs depending on every region.

Morocco handicraft guided tour-Moroccan rugs


Leatherwork holds a unique and important place In the Moroccan trade.

Fes remains nowadays the biggest centre in processing leather in Morocco. Moroccan people and tourists consider Fes a home of ancient leather tanneries called Chouara.

Chouara is one of the city’s most iconic sights. chouara has been operating since16th.

also, the leatherwork is linked to several Moroccan cities such as Marrakesh Meknes and Tangier.

Moroccan artisans make from tanned hides of sheep and goats some masterpieces of art such as leather bags, cases wallets, slippers for women, or even camel saddles for Morocco Sahara Desert locals


Moroccan jewellery is traditional and styled craftsmanship that reflects the culture of the kingdom, its traditions, and its heritage.

The story of Moroccan jewellery began centuries when Moroccans welcomed Jewish departer who came to Morocco and brought their expertise in the jewellery industry.

they started making jewellery and sharing techniques and knowledge with the Amazigh neighbours.

Nowadays you can find all kind of handmade jewellery such as modern pieces that fits all styles or even antique jewellery that dates back to the 18th century and beyond in several shops. especially in touristic towns like Fes and Marrakesh.

Ceramic and poetry

Moroccan pottery represents one of the real treasures of Moroccan souks. Vases, Pots, ceramics, dishes, bowls, and plates are all ceramics that you can either use for cooking or decoration.

The main pottery centre in Morocco is Safi, and it is by far the largest production centre of ceramic handcraft


Lanterns are pieces of craftsmanship that dazzle at night.

Most lanterns are made in Marrakesh but there are available almost everywhere.

Morocco handicraft guided tour-Moroccan lantern

Morocco handicraft guided tour: Where to buy handicrafts in Morocco?

Jewellery: you can buy jewellery everywhere, but the best place to buy it remains tiznit famous silversmiths souk.

Marquetry: marquetry is the traditional handcraft that transforms wood to create several designs.

The marquetry artisans produce masterpieces of wooden furniture, chess sets, or even small wooden boxes made in cedar and oak.

those woodworkers’ ateliers are available at Essaouira.

Pottery: Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh, and Sale all have pottery centres.

the best place where you can have a large choice, from modern and beautiful blue and white to traditional designs, is Safi.

Metalwork: Metalwork artwork is widely found in the city of Fez where artisans create a wealth of stunning items from bronze and silver, using various techniques.