New Year’s Eve in Morocco 2024

If you haven’t decided where you’ll spend New Year’s Eve yet, try learning the best spots to spend New Year’s Eve in Morocco.

Begin this one-of-a-kind new year with new beginnings and new hopes. Explore the significant locations in Morocco to celebrate the historic event while adhering to a variety of customs and cultures. We’ve produced a list of the most iconic cities where you can celebrate the New Year in Morocco to save you time. 

While this article includes only three spots, make sure to visit Morocco’s other touristic cities where you can bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024. This year, do not miss out on New Year’s Eve in Morocco.

New Year’s Eve in Morocco: Tangier

One of the best places cities where you can spend New Year’s Eve in Morocco is Tangier. Tangier is a city in northwest Morocco recognized for its diverse cultures and civilizations. Tourists are drawn to this city’s history and culture. Tangier’s Hercules Caves are a popular tourist destination. Explore the splendor of the old caverns, dine at popular cafés, and learn more about the city’s rich history as you visit this city.

Let’s go down memory lane. Tangier requires a cultural exploration throughout your visit. It was established 3000 years ago. Many civilizations have thrived there, including the Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Arab, Byzantine, and Berber. Tangier has also been in the hands of the Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.

Tangier, situated at the crossroads of Europe and the Maghreb, attracts a large number of international visitors who coexist with the natives. They appreciate sharing their love of festivities with visitors. Be on time for at least one of the following evenings for a successful New Year’s Eve in Tangier:

  • A New Year’s Eve celebration in Tangier’s nightclubs,
  • A New Year’s Eve party organized by locals,
  • Romantic dinners in Tangier’s restaurants.

Travelers seeking luxury and seclusion might dine at one of Tangier’s luxurious restaurants. Some are located in lush green surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of busy places. Guests will be served tapas and distinct meals made using high-quality ingredients and recipes inspired by French and Italian cuisine.

Those seeking a stylish setting will spend New Year’s Eve in contemporary and pleasant restaurants. They mostly provide traditional and sophisticated cuisine made using fresh ingredients.

Other areas of Tangier have a more folkloric character. The venue, located in the heart of Tangier, is excellent for immersing oneself in oriental musical culture.

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New Year’s Eve in Morocco: Marrakech 

Marrakech, Morocco’s most vibrant city during new year’s eve, is located north of the Atlas Mountains. The city and its pleasant way of life are ideal for a vibrant New Year’s Eve in Morocco. Discover all the wealth of the Red Metropolis by immersing yourself in the center of a bustling, dynamic, and inviting city. A beautiful blend of untamed environment and culture, where you may take advantage of your stay to discover all of Marrakech’s hidden gems. 

Throughout Marrakech, people may see various lively bazaars for shopping. Hang out with your friends and family around Marrakech’s crowded streets to buy some of the significant goodies. Some of the particular Marrakech New Year’s Eve activities in Morocco include belly dance performances, traditional musical events, and more. 

During the day and late evenings, the area of Jamaa ElFna will be bustling with merchants offering a wide range of goods, including snacks, traditional leather water bags, brass cups, and more. You can end the night in one of the city’s many nightclubs to celebrate the New Year.

Iconic Touristic Spots in Marrakech to Start off the New Year

  • The Palmeraie is an excellent site to begin your day of exploration before ringing in the New Year in Marrakech. Such a tranquil and calm setting. You may wander through its lanes and enjoy the peace and quiet, a true sensory adventure.
  • The Majorelle Garden is a must-see in Marrakech. It is equivalent to soaking up Moroccan culture in the souks and medina. This botanical park in the Gueliz area in the city’s northwest is a must-see! There is a bamboo forest, a cactus garden, and a variety of succulent plants and flowers. It’s the perfect location to unwind, away from the rush and bustle of the city.

New Year’s Eve in Morocco: Merzouga

Spend a New Year’s Eve in Morocco 2023, in the desert, for a memorable transition to the New Year, among the oasis of the Great Moroccan South, like one dreams about.

Before arriving at your New Year’s Eve camp, go across the dunes of Erg Chebbi and ride camels, quads, or 4x4s to see the sunset or dawn. Gather around a fireplace and experience a convivial time in the Moroccan desert, under the stars.

For a change of environment, your New Year’s Eve meals will include sand-baked bread, prune tagine, tea, and Moroccan sweets.

You will then spend New Year’s Eve in a convivial setting, in the heart of the desert’s quiet dunes beneath a dark starry night. To begin the New Year in Morocco, spend New Year’s Eve in the Moroccan desert, which promises to be amazing!

Choose Morocco to celebrate the changeover to the New Year in a calm way, apart from the grayness of winter. Festive lunches in traditional Moroccan hues, cultural excursions, and vibrant evenings greet you on New Year’s Eve in Morocco 2023.

Why Morocco?

Morocco celebrates a wide array of holidays. If you are still considering where to go on vacation over the New Year’s holiday season, this specific tourist location will not disappoint.

Morocco provides amazing vacations on the blue beaches of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea. Excursions to local cultural and natural sights that are scenic and fascinating. Not to mention skiing in the Atlas Mountains and camping in the Sahara desert.

Morocco has so many sources of cultural uniqueness that each component, holiday, and ceremonial is strongly entrenched in the true past. All aspects of Moroccan society have been harmoniously united in the Kingdom to give fascinating stories to each newcomer.

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