Marrakech Travel Guide: Ultimate guide for your trip

Marrakesh Travel Guide- Marrakesh is more than just a simple heavily visited city in Morocco. The ochre town is also one of the ancient cities in the kingdom. Marrakesh features tradition and modernity at once and that’s why it’s world-famous and so much beloved.

Roaming around Marrakesh may be very interesting to you as a visitor. squares and souks are an important sensory experience, of vibrant colors, smells, and unique sights.

There are plenty of things to do in Marrakesh, we will mention some of them in this article. but first, here are most of the major tips that may be helpful during your stay in the red city.

Marrakesh Travel Guide: Tips for a better experience

Marrakesh TIP 1: book a hotel ahead of time!

As we already mentioned, Marrakesh is the most visited city in Morocco. If you are thinking of booking a hotel when you get there, then it’s the wrong idea! The red city attracts a lot of visitors all year long, and the best riads and hotels sell out very quickly.

Marrakesh TIP 2: Negotiate with sellers and taxi drivers

Most of the time, sellers show their merchandise without asking and insist to buy it from them, do not hesitate to refuse their offer if it does not interest you.

and even if you want to buy something, be prepared to bargain.
Same thing when taking a taxi! Pay attention to the taximeter and negotiate if the cab driver asks for a large amount of money. Normally you can take taxis in Marrakesh for 40 dirhams at most.

Marrakesh TIP 3: Be Aware of Scams

As with most touristic destinations, you can find scams in Marrakesh.

they suggest showing the way, especially in the old medina, and finally, they demand payment for their unsolicited service.

Marrakesh TIP 4: Weather in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is located in northwest Morocco.

generally, it has a hot and dry climate all year round and especially during summer, but it also can witness extreme cold during autumn.
As a recommendation, we suggest coming to visit Marrakesh from March to May, which will promise 10 hours of sunshine and a temperature averaging around 28 °C.

Marrakesh TIP 5: Consider booking a Marrakesh guided tour

Marrakesh is a wonderful city to discover. In order to enjoy your stay in the red city to the fullest, you should book a guided trip.
Besides that, the winding roads of the old medina may be overwhelming for a first-time visitor.

wandering with a guide will be better. also, the guided tour will take charge of all the organization work for you; you will save energy and you won’t waste time searching for hotels and connections.

 If you are thinking of booking a guided tour, we can help.

Marrakesh Travel Guide: 5 things to do in Marrakesh

Other than enjoying Marrakesh’s weather, food, and fabulous traditional riads, there are many attractions and things to do in the ochre city :

Marrakesh Travel Guide -Discover jamaa elfna by night

Jamaa Elfna is a large open-air square in the center of Medina, well known for hosting dozens of entertainers such as acrobat troupes and local musicals or even snake charmers.
This open-air square comes to life, especially in the evenings, it fills with the aromas of several Moroccan meals like Couscous, Tanjaya, and grilled meats that you can try.
Also, there are many rooftop restaurants and cafes around the square where you can enjoy drinking a cup of Moroccan mint tea and viewing a spectacle from above if you want to skip the chaos.

Marrakesh travel Guide-Visit the Jardin Majorelle and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Majorelle garden is an amazing green space created by the French artist Jacques Majorelle who came to the city for health reasons after deciding to live there.

The site contains a cafe, gift shop, bookstore, and art gallery.

Next door you find the entrance of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum where you can find the archive pieces and the exhibition program

Marrakesh travel Guide- Majorelle Garden

Marrakesh travel Guide-Walk around the old medina

The most beautiful part of visiting Marrakesh is wandering around the medina; it is the only way to learn more about the culture of this historical city; in fact, the streets and walls of the medina transform you back in time.
There are a lot of things to see in the medina such as souks where you can find various goods well organized depending on types, such as antiques and craft
Finally, the old medina of Marrakesh is your best alternative to have a Moroccan Hammam experience.

Marrakesh travel Guide-Visit the museum of photography

The house of photography is an old riad that become a museum where you can see an exclusive and extraordinary photographic collection from the debut of the history of photography until the modern period 1879-1960.
It is an invitation to know Morocco better via anonymous or famous photographers’ pieces of art.

Marrakesh Travel Guide : House Of Photography

Marrakesh travel Guide-Hot air ballooning

Discovering Marrakesh from above will be one of the experiences that will have an impact on your traveling life.

you will see everything from the air, including the High Atlas mountain.

Marrakesh Travel Guide: Where to stay

Deciding to visit Marrakesh will lead you to the phase of wondering where to stay.
Trying to choose your accommodation during your trip isn’t easy; in fact, there are two choices and they both depend on the experience you want: Riads and Hotels


Riads are traditional houses that you can find in Moroccan old cities, especially Fes and Marrakesh. They are usually located in old medinas in winding alleys.
Entering a riad and closing its door will give you immediately a sense of calm and happiness
Moroccan riads feature sun terraces, swimming pools, restaurants, and private parking.

Marrakesh Travel Guide-Jamaa elfna
Marrakes Travel Guide- Morrocan riad in Marrakesh


You can also find a good selection of different kinds of hotels in the red city. Marrakesh hotels lie in the old medina and also the new town.
As with all other hotels worldwide, you can find large swimming pools and spacious gardens in these hotels, in addition to restaurants, cafes and gym clubs which are better for families with children.
You can find affordable hotels in Marrakesh; also, there are over 60 5-star international luxury hotel companies.