Morocco Sahara Desert: 6 things to do

Morocco is a country located at the intersection of Africa and Europe known for its dizzying geographical diversity, with exciting cities, wonderful coasts, the Atlas Mountains, and last, but not least, the Moroccan Sahara Desert.
There aren’t many places on earth where you can find the same incredible landscapes that you will see in the Moroccan Sahara Desert. In fact, many travelers consider exploring the authenticity of the Morocco-Sahara Desert as the main reason to visit Morocco.
Once you are in the Moroccan Sahara Desert, it may appear as if there’s nothing but golden sand and sky; otherwise, there are plenty of things to do.
In this article, we will recommend you some activities that you should try during your stay in the Morocco Sahara Desert to enjoy the trip.

Camel Riding while watching the sunset.

Camels are obviously not the most comfortable animals to ride.

but it’s a must-do once in your life, especially in Morocco. It is an exciting and unique experience and it will be unforgettable for tourists of all ages.
Camel trekking is not only a fun activity for tourists; it’s also a part of the country’s tradition; in fact, nomads have used camels as a form of transport.
Once you are on a camel, you will have the chance to take precious time to watch the sunset with nothing around you but sand, tranquillity, and open blue sky.

Sand bathing in Morocco Sahara Desert

During your stay, you may find some locals burying themselves in the sand, in the heat of summer around the hottest point of mid-afternoon.
Sand bathing has a number of wellness benefits; actually, the therapy is believed to have good impacts on human health; in other words, sweating detoxifies the body and the weight of sand helps to relax the muscles.
Using the earth’s natural elements to heal the body may be a good motivation for travelers to try the experience. However, Sand hammams are not advisable for anyone with blood pressure or heart-related medical problems, due to the intensity of the heat.

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon trips are popular in Morocco and a number of companies offer them.

in fact, Hot air ballooning may be the best way to discover the Moroccan Sahara Desert and its beautiful dunes from the top.
Generally, you can find sunset and sunrise flights depending on the weather.
A hot air ballooning trip in the Moroccan Sahara Desert is undoubtedly an opportunity to leave your comfort zone and try something completely different!

Sleep in Morocco Sahara Desert and stargazing

Sleeping in the desert is not the most luxurious way to rest; camps are often quite simple. Otherwise, it’s one of the most spectacular things to do in Morocco’s Sahara Desert.
Camping in the desert is a unique chance to sleep in the complete silence of the desert.
Furthermore, the starry Sahara Desert sky is above you; you can watch the countless stars all night long.

With exceptional visibility, far away from the glow of city lights, Morocco’s Sahara Desert offers a dazzling display of night sky and shooting stars.

it helps you reconnect with nature.

Morocco Sahara Desert- Couple stargazing together at stars

Morocco Sahara Desert is a location for Extreme sports

If you are an extreme-sports lover, then you have got an additional reason to visit Morocco’s Sahara Desert.
You have the possibility to rent a Moto Quad for an hour or more in order to race and drive through golden sand dunes while admiring beautiful natural views of the landscapes.
Moreover, trying sandboarding makes you discover the SAHARA and get covered in sand in the process.
Sand dunes are soft, which makes the activity so safe even for kids.
In fact, those activities attract only adventurous travelers

Meet Locals of Morocco Sahara Desert

You might think that you are alone in the large Morocco Sahara Desert for a while, but the Berber people will find you.

Meeting local people is so important when you land in Morocco as a foreigner because it opens a world of possibilities for you.

During your stay, you will have the chance to visit local nomads’ tents and chat with them in order to know more about their lifestyle, culture, and the way they live.

To conclude, Morocco Sahara Desert is one of the best destinations in Morocco, joining a guided tour to visit it will be an amazing adventure.
You may be asking if the weather is always good. Actually, the weather in Moroccan Sahara is one of the things that you should give close and thoughtful attention to before your trip.
If you want to enjoy your exploration, I recommend you to visit it outside the three months of summer.

in fact, April and May are great times to come.
And if you are asking if Dhabi-Morocco tours organize trips to Morocco’s Sahara Desert, the answer is Yes, we do! We also have circuits that you can customize.